Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary

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Octagon in the News

Here below what others have had to say about Octagon or how Octagon has helped in the rescue of various wildlife.


Frankie's Tooth Removal - Read about our bengal tiger's tooth removal.


Yelp Review - Read what a visitor had to say about us.


NBC Channel 2 - Watch the video the local news station broadcasted

One-Tank Trips - Autoweek's Peter Greenberg mentions Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary as a place to stop in a one-tank trip between Tampa and Port Charlotte.

Lee Memorial's Children's Hospital Christmas Party - Octagon distributes family passes to those who have children at the hospital.  Click to view pictures of the Christmas Party.  Event also sponsored by Manhattan Contruction located in Ft Myers.

Knoxville News Sentinel - Read T. Wayne Waters post regarding a visit to Octagon and other venues in the surrounding area with Jill Gleeson in August.

Visit by Jill Gleeson, independent journalist known for her travel in her pink boots. - Read her blog post regarding a visit to Octagon and other venues in the surrounding area.

Octagon suffers operational losses in structure fire (June 9th) - article by Roger Dickinson regarding fire at sanctuary on May 24th.

Punta Gorda’s Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary Suffers Major Loss (June 1st)

View Episode 2.5 for a snippet about Octagon - Punta Gorda TV - Exploring the People and Places of Punta Gorda, Fl.


Local artist works on the wild side (October 14th) - repARTee columnist Ruth Spies of the Punta Gorda Herald writes about Michael Vires, the local artist, who painted the new mural at the sanctuary's entrance.

Take a walk on the wild side (August 27th) - Journalist Kathy Grey of the Charlotte Florida Weekly writes about her visit to Octagon.

Amazing sites in our backyard (July 8th) - Punta Gorda Herald Business News columnist and president of Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce John Wright writes about Octagon and other local businesses.

Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary in Fort Myers (July 2nd) - Fort Myers Daily.com's visit to the sanctuary.

Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins (January) - "Lions and Ligers and Bears... Oh, my!" They come from circuses, Hollywood film sets, irresponsible breeders and even people’s backyards - over 200 creatures in need of food, shelter and compassion. For 30 years, Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary in Punta Gorda has rescued and cared for an assortment of unwanted and neglected animals - most of whom would have been euthanized or left alone to die. Join us this month to meet these beautiful survivors, along with the volunteers and caretakers who struggle to provide for them all that they deserve. (excerpt from WEDU.org's website)


Octagon wildlife celebrates 30 years in Punta Gorda (July 2nd) - Journalist Teddi Thosath of the Charlotte Sun Herald writes about his visit to Octagon.

Revisiting Octagon, there are plenty of animals to enjoy (February 20th) - Retired teacher Suzanne Kee and contributing journalist of the Charlotte Sun Herald writes about her visit to Octagon


Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary is still going thanks to the efforts of many (August 20th) - Journalist Don Moore of the Charlotte Sun Herald writes about the continuation of Octagon after the passing of it's founder, Pete Caron.

Wallaroo escapes, goes on Alva rampage (March 2nd) - Journalist Grant Boxleitner of the Fort Myers News Press writes about Octagon's part in rescuing an escaped wallaroo.

Wild Wallaroo (March) - From a Fox 4 TV News report about Octagon's part in rescuing an escaped wallaroo.

Letter from FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (March)

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