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Frankie's Tooth Removal

February 1, 2014 - Even a 300 pound bengal tiger can have a bad tooth day.

Wonder if there's a tooth fairy for tigers and will they leave our beloved Frankie something under his pillow?  Frankie, not even 2 years old and still growing, had his top left k9/fang removed at the Punta Gorda Animal Hospital on Saturday, February 1st.  Dr. Shelley Kingsbury and Dr. Kurt Winter, who provide medical care for the animals of Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary when needed, put an amazing team together to have Frankie's ordeal come to an end.  Dr. Wade Gingerich and anesthesiologist Rachel Johnson both from South Florida Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery/Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists, Dr. Mike Peak from The Pet Dentist of Tampa Bay, Dr. Kingsbury, Dr. Winter, and the wonderful staff from all three facilities, worked for over two hours inside our tiger's mouth!  There aren't enough words to describe how absolutely amazing they were!  Even when breaking a few of their instruments, they didn't miss a beat!

What lead up to this?  Back in late November, Frankie was eating and we noticed that the left side of his face was swollen so we called Dr. Kurt Winter to let him know.  Because the bees in Florida are insane, we thought Frankie might of been stung by a number of them.  He was prescribed two weeks of antibiotics which removed the swelling and no sores could be seen.  In mid December, he was swollen again.  This time Frankie was put on antibiotics and Benadryl.  Swelling, once again, gone.  Then in late January, volunteers noticed an area around his nose that had started to open up.  Both, Dr. Winter and Dr. Kingsbury diagnosed Frankie with having a tooth issue that needed to be immediately further addressed.  That's when they put together this incredible group of veterinary specialists.  Throughout the ordeal Frankie never showed any signs that he was in pain.  He ate everything he was fed and played like young, happy, healthy tigers do.  He certainly is proof tigers have an incredibly HIGH pain tolerance.

The director and volunteers of Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary and especially Frankie would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all the doctors and staff for donating their time, expertise, extreme care, and facilities to free our Frankie from pain and discomfort!! He will be chuffing a lot more now!!!

Dr Wade Gingerich of So FL Veterinary Dentistry and Dr Mike Peak The Pet Dentist of Tampa Bay Infected tiger K9/Fang tooth 

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