Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary

We are CLOSED  to visitors until further notice.
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Lauri Caron and Jack Hanna at Busch GardensAs the parent organization of the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary, Octagon Sequence of Eight was awarded it's 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable status on July 9th, 1992 .  Prior to and since the volunteers at Octagon Wildlife have rescued and cared for over a thousand animals.  As a non for profit, the very best is done for the animals we care for.  Octagon has been and is blessed with the most outstanding volunteers, contributors, and support any organization could ask for.

Some breeding of animals took place years ago.  Prior to and since new management took over in May 2005, no intentional breeding has taken place.  We feel this would add to the problem that already exists.  At times animals we take in, often through confiscations from unlicensed or abusive owners, will already be pregnant.  We do everything to provide for the mother to be.  Volunteers go to extremes to care for the offspring once they are born and many donate extra time to be surrogate parents.


Lauri Caron with Gator Boys star Jimmy RiffleOctagon leases the land, which is privately owned, for $1.00 per year and is responsible for any and all maintenance.  The director lives on the property and volunteers her time for free as do all the other volunteers.  Odd jobs and the graciousness of other volunteers helps provide for her needs.

Many of our animals after they have passed on are donated to reputable colleges and universities.  This allows anthropologists to further study how age and diseases affect God's creatures.

Come out and visit us.  Learn what we are doing and see our magnificent animals in a serene environment.  Many school kids, girl/boy scouts have benefited through our education program.  High school aged individuals can also earn community hours by volunteering.  We allow disabled adults and children to visit for free to have an experience of a life time.

Monthly Costs

Many people have no idea what it takes to keep our animals safe, secure, and healthy.  Octagon does not receive any federal funding.  All money comes from grants, donations, fund raisers, and admission fees.  Here are how monetary donations are used each month:
Raw meat $3,500.00
Other animal feed $ 500.00
Veterinarians - services, medications, etc. $ 500.00
Electric $ 800.00
Telephone $ 300.00
Septic $ 300.00
Insurance $ 325.00
Gas - picking up animals, food, etc. $ 450.00
Supplies $ 1,600.00
Office $ 100.00
Total $8,375.00

Message from our Director

Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-for-profit sanctuary (nursing home/retirement village for abused and unwanted animals), we are NOT a zoo.  Though we rescue zoo type animals, these are ones that are 17 to 20 year generations of being born, raised, and sold in captivity to be a "pet" or be used in a business.  None of the animals have been taken out of the wild.  Zoos will not care for these animals due to their physical and/or mental conditions.

Many of our animals are on medication.  Their enclosures are above and beyond the FWC State and USDA Federal regulations.  The enclosures insure a greater possibility to rescue more animals that are in need.  All the animals that love water, have pools (lions don't therefore don't have pools).  The shade cloth over their areas cools the temperature down by 15 degrees and the covered houses allow them to get out of the weather.  The animals all have toys to play around with for daily enrichment.  Our primates even have TV's!

The USDA Federal, USDA State, Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC) and our veterinarians are all our bosses.  They regulate the laws and veterinarian care programs specific to every animal species we care for.  Laws and vet care change all the time.  Most of the animals we acquire come from FWC and USDA Federal confiscations.  We are not a government owned facility therefore do not receive any funds from these organizations.  In fact, they are not required to help care for any animal they bring to us and we fully understand this.

FWC officers will, however, drop off food when available to them which helps us feed over 500 pounds of raw meat and 100-200 pounds of produce every day/night.  Our FWC officers/inspectors have their hands full.  Not only are they in charge of all the illegal hunting going on with indigenous animals, but they also regulate all exotic animal ownerships and Marine Patrol.  I believe our court systems need to impose harsher judgements and fines to stop repeat animal offenders.

At Octagon, we teach kids and adults about our residents so they better understand them.  Each animal has their own uniqueness, intelligence, and purpose in the world we live in.  On a daily basis, each has a way of showing volunteers they appreciate their love and care.   To learn and not fear these animals, we can gain more respect for our own pets and also for every animal on this planet.  By teaching love and respect through education and communication, we are able to experience and see God's creatures up close.  We invite you to further learn how to help save these animals not only in captivity but also in their natural environments.

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