Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary
Admission:  Adults $10, Seniors 55+ & Kids 8-17 $5, Children 7 & under Free (cash/check only)
Hours:  Mon - Fri 9 am - 12 pm,   Sat 11 am - 4 pm (Year round),   Sun 11 am - 4 pm (Nov - May)

Hurricane Irma: Sun 9/10 thru Mon 9/11 2017

Hurricane Irma came ashore in SW FL on Sunday September 10th as a major hurricane and unfortunately made it's way (Click here for Weather Channel's tracking image) over eastern Charlotte County FL where Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary is located.  The storm brought an intense amount of rain (2 weeks after flooding rains from a no-named system) and wind for hours.  Thankfully NONE of the animals OR the director, who lives on site, were physically harmed!  Unfortunately as you can see from the images below or via this Facebook post, the Sanctuary's ground suffered A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT damage from the flooding, wind, and uprooted/snapped trees.  Donations can be made via this GoFundMe link or our PayPal link to the right.

If you would like to volunteer to help with cleanup, please call the Sanctuary at (239) 543-1130 and LEAVE A DETAILED MESSAGE.  Someone will respond as quickly as humanly possible!  We'd like to thank you for any help, whether monetary, time or otherwise, you may have to offer and especially PATIENCE in this trying time!

Update On The Recovery Effort (Wed 9/20/17):

The water has receded, with the exception of our retention pond being very, very high. Most of our aisle ways have been cleared of debris, very large trees in other areas of the sanctuary still need to be cut up and cleared. We'll be working on that asap. As of this morning, we still do not have power in the sanctuary. Despite of the generator that was loaned to us by one of our FB friends for our freezer (and we thank you very much), we have lost 15,000lbs of meat, as it has defrosted to a point that we can't feed it out. We are waiting for a part that we are having overnighted, for the Breaker that we hope will get us running again. If there is more damage to the main breaker than expected, there could be more delays. The cost of $100 a day for gas for the generators (we have several to keep our well going for auto lickers for the animals) is causing more financial drain, along with the $300 every other day to buy produce and food for our bears, primates, tortoises, macaws, etc...as we have not gotten donations from our regular stores. Having said all that, we are extremely grateful for the outpouring of help, both monetary and "boots on the ground" volunteers, as well as the fact that our animals are happy and safe! As we plod along to get back to some kind of normalcy, we will keep you all informed. Keep your prayers and good thoughts coming our way....and hope we get power today!!
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